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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Update: SMA Simple Spectrum Analyzer - New graphics engine!


I have been working on the graphics engine again.

The improvements are:

  • The spectrum is drawn with a best fit curve, instead of connecting the sampled points with straight lines. This gives a much nicer representation of the spectrum, especially when less samples are used.
  • I managed to improve the refresh rate slightly. The bottleneck is now the hardware of the SMA Spectrum Analyzer - I don't think I can squeeze more speed out of it.
  • The spectrum can be rendered with shading ("solid curve"). This makes the simultaneous view of LIVE, MIN, MAX and AVG much nicer.
  • I *finally* implemented a proper colour map for the waterfall diagram.

Local DVB-T transponder at 754MHz with LTE transponders to the right.
The spectrum shows three traces: LIVE, MIN and MAX.

Live spectrum of the CATV band with new "Shaded Spectrum" option activated.

Waterfall diagram of WLAN traffic in the 2.4GHz band.

As always, go ahead and download the lates release here:

Make sure to watch the new video:


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