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Friday, 25 November 2016

SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser: Donation information available...


Another day, another update.

Function-wise, only a small feature was added: a button to minize the main window. This cannot be done with regular windows controls, because of the way the software handles events. Once minized it wouldn't be possible to maximize the window again.

So I did a small work-around: you click the HIDE WINDOW button and the main window disappears and instead a small window pops up. Click the only button and the main window is back! The nice thing is that an active spectrum analysis will keep running in background.

This was implemented for users with just one screen.

The other novelty is that the setup tab now shows how to make a donation...

NO DONATION IS REQUIRED TO USE THE SOFTWARE, but if you do donate, you will get a permanent activation code. Otherwise, you have to periodically request a new free temporary activation code, which will terminate on the last day of March, June, September or December, respectively. You always get activation codes for the next deadline.

Finally, the download now contains a manual, too. Do not get too high expectations - it is the first draft of the manual and I will need to keep on writing it. By publishing it in the current state, I am pushing myself to work harder on its completition.

As usual, here is the download link of the current version:


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