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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser: MIN/MAX/AVG measurement and graphic indicator line


Again a new version:

This time it features some real time measurements: MIN, MAX and AVG power. This can be optionally shown as horizontal lines on the spectrum.

Also new: the setup tab shows licensing information and allows direct input of new activation keys.

I am getting ready to accept donations (10 €/£/$). Donators will get a permanent license for his/her devices. Just need to figure out how that works with PayPal.

This is to help me purchase the following devices:
  • "35MHz-4.4GHz 35M-4.4G USB SMA Source/Signal Generator/Simple Spectrum Analyzer"
  • "NWT4000-2 35M-4.4G sweep,simple spectrum analyzer,generator"
  • "NWT 6000 25M-6G Scanner / Network Analyzer / Signal Source / Simple Spectrum"
The goal is obviously to try to fully support these devices. Especially the NWT series interest me, because they could allow implementation of tracking generator support in my software

Of course, if you cannot afford a donation or don't feel like it for whatever reason: no problem! I will issue free temporary activation codes - you just have to keep requesting them.

Download the latest version here:


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