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Sunday, 6 November 2016

SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser: new release, now with LOF correction!


Another item has been crossed from my TODO list: many users were asking for the freqeuncy grid to show the SAT fundamental frequency, instead of the down converted intermediate frequency.

Basically, users operating satellite reception equipment wanted to be able to specify the LOF - Local Oscillator Frequency, to have the corresponding fundamental frequency shown. But this new feature might be interesting for other applications, too.

Here is how to use it: go to the SETUP tab and enter whatever LOF you are using, for instance 9750 MHz for Universal LNB Low Band or 10600 MHz for Universal LNB High Band.

As long as the value entered is not empty or equal to 0, the frequency grid in the spectrum window will show the selected frequency range with the LOF value added.

Also, new text boxes appear in the marker section, showing the marker frequencies both as the real (intermediate) frequency and fundamental frequency.

Get it while it's hot at (OBSOLETE):


I changed the LOF condfiguration. It is now part of each preset. This is particularily useful for SAT-DXer, who use different Ka-, Ku- and C-band LNB's.

Also, if you want to obtain IF on the grid for inverted spectrum (C-Band), just enter a negative LOF value.

Download the updated version here:


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