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Thursday, 15 December 2016

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser - Frequency input changed and support for frequencies in MHz with 3 decimal places (= KHz resolution)


Again a new update! This time I finally changed the way frequencies are input. Instead of allowing the user to virtually type anything in the frequency text boxes and often crashing the software in doing so, the software now opens a new frequency input form, when you click on a relevant frequency box.

Frequencies can be entered as MHz or KHz and the frequency value is accepted when you click either of these two buttons. It is really straight forward, I think.

With this new feature, it became obvious that I had to change the way frequencies are handled internally. Instead of using only a MHz scale with the smallest frequency resolution being 1 MHz, I changed the software to having 1 KHz as the smallest resolution. This should make those people happy, who use the software for non TV/SAT related applications.

Frequencies are displayed in MHz with three decimal places. Implementation is not totally finished, so expect a few oddities here and there (mainly in the frequency boxes for the marker 1 and 2).

IMPORTANT: For the software to work properly, Windows has to be setup to use the point (".") as the decimal symbol! If you use any other character, the software will not work correctly and in best case all frequency values will be handled as integer values (= 1 MHz being the resolution). In worst case, the computer might start to smoke...

Please go to "Control Panel", "Region", "Additional Settings..." and change the "Decimal symbol:" to ".":

The lates software version can be downloaded here:


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