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Monday, 25 June 2018

Call for help: Lost my hard disk with 2TB of data... ...searching for TS sample files from around the world!



Yesterday, one of my hard disks failed out of the blue: 2TB of data lost...

Well, not totally lost, as I do have most of the data stored on several other hard disks.

In fact, apart from the trouble of having to replace the hard disk and copying hundreds of gigabytes over my LAN (fortunately a 1 GBPS network), I mainly lost one thing, which, however, was dear to me:

I lost my Transponder Stream collection: This collection contained sample *.TS files (1 minute and 10 minutes) of broadcasts from around the world, originally transmitted in the most varied modulations:

  • DVB-T/T2
  • DVB-C/C2
  • DVB-S/S2
  • ATSC
  • DTMB
  • ISDB

I would love to rebuild such a collection/database, which I used frequently, for instance when reviewing receivers or field meters.

Anyone willing to help?

Just send me a 1 minute and/or 10 minutes TS capturing the whole MUX of the transponder. Please use WeTransfer to send me the files at: v m a AT n o r c a m DOT p t

Satellites from 28.2E to 30.0W are not required, as I can capture them myself. The same for Portuguese Terestrial Digital Television, of course.

I am OK with sharing the collection, if I manage to rebuild it. Once it is reasonably complete, I will anounce it here in my blog.


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