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Monday, 16 July 2018

The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn - captured with Canon EOS 550D and EF75-300mm lens


Still feeling lazy and without the nerve to keep programming on the VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser, so I decided to once again look up in the sky...

And what a view!

Here is our glorious Moon:

Using two different camera settings:
Left: long exposure with low ISO
Right: short exposure with intermediate ISO

Upper picture: Jupiter with 4 of its moons - two on each side
Lower picture. Probably the best snapshot of Saturn - the ring can be seen

It is very relaxing to look at the planets of our solar system and gazing at the stars. It is a shame that light pollution took away the view of the whole Milky Way, at least in urban areas.

As a side note and to get back to satellite DX: you can spot satellites and the ISS on the night sky! They can be seen as tiny spots of light moving at incredible speed across the sky.

Good night!

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