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Friday, 25 February 2011

Bought a Hirschmann UPM 1800 recently (see my Youtube video).

Unfortunately my model did not have the optional RS-232 interface. This adds a powerful functionality, as it makes it possible to fully operate the meter remotely!

Since I did not find any data sheet of this device, I opened it anyway and took a good look at the PCB. After studying the layout I found out how to retrofit the missing RS232 option!

Next step: programming an application to add new functionalities:

  • Spectrum Analyzer (will be VERY SLOW, but VERY PRECISE)
  • Long time monitoring: i.e. recording signal level of a satellite transponder over 24h
  • Band Scan: measuring up to 5 frequencies in parallel
  • Measurement Macro: measuring predefined list of frequencies and generate a report automatically
  • ...
First trials look promising!

Interested in this application? Let me know!

Interested in further details to retrofit a RS-232 interface on your Hirschmann UPM 1800 / KWS AMA 210S/214S? Let me know!

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