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Monday, 27 March 2017

Quick request!


I have a small request for you Guys:

When asking for an activation code, please mention which software version you want to activate (ADF/MAX or Siglent SSA3000X). If you just send me the system code, I cannot distinguish which version you need and the system code/activation code differ for both versions.

Also, please send me an e-mail, rather than using the blog's comment section or PM on different forums I use. My e-mail is stated in the user manual of the ADF/MAX version (when I have time, I will do a Siglent specific manual), but here it is: "v m a" without spaces in between at "norcam" dot "pt".


Sunday, 26 March 2017

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser - Download page

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser
Download Page

For ADF4350, ADF4351 and MAX2870 based devices, please click here:

For Siglent SSA3021X or SSA3032X spectrum analyser, please click here:

For Rohde & Schwarz CRTU or CMU200 spectrum analyser, please click here:

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for SSA3000X - Different visualization modes and measurements


Today I upload a new version of my "VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for SSA3000X" software. The major new feature is the updated 3D rendering engine, as well as, a bug fix that makes the software run with either configuration of the decimal symbol under Windows (point or comma).

Take a look at the following screen shots of the local DVB-T transponder at 754MHz:

3D Spectrum view in shaded mode

3D Spectrum view in wireframe mode

Bandwidth measurement: -3dB and -6dB

Bandwidth measurment: -6dB

Live spectrum with MIN/MAX hold in shaded mode

Live spectrum against AVG trace in line mode

"FADE" visualization mode

3D spectrum in shaded mode - view can be rotated!

Same 3D spectrum in different view

Hope you find this interesting! If so, why not download the software and try it yourself?


Sunday, 12 March 2017

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for Siglent SSA3000X - Download Page

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for Siglent SSA3000X

This software requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework in order to work. You need to download & install it, if you are running Windows 8.1:

Download .Net 4.5 Framework from Microsoft here

Unfortunatly, Windows 7 does not support WebSocks and hence is not compatible.

Change Log:

2017-06-28: Corrected SYSTEM CODE bug. Correct SYSTEM CODE is now shown in form
2017-03-26: Implemented improved 3D rendering with line/shade modes
            Bug fix - corrected decimal symbol dependency
2017-03-19: Implemented GPS functionality
            Implemented PRINT FORM, SAVE PICTURE and OVERLAY
            Several bug fixes, including spectrum recording and playback
2017-03-18: Implemented MEM and MATH trace, including SWR measurement
2017-03-13: Added trigger mask and e-mail notification
2017-03-12: Added this line to check Kaspersky false detection
2017-03-11: First release

Please note:

This version requires a (free) activation code and features:

- different visualization modes (LIVE, MIN, MAX, AVG traces; "Fade" mode, 3D spectogram)
- transponder recognition
- satellite recognition by transponder pattern matching
- record & playback of spectrum
- bandwidth measurement (-3dB, -6dB and -60db)
- MIN, MAX, AVG db values
- two marker with indication of delta frequency and delta db
- 9 configurable frequency presets
- GPS functionality, including Google Maps measurement plotting
- MATH operations
- SWR measurement
- Trace export to CSV
- ...


- Trigger function
- MATH trace
- SWR measurement
- Overlay trace
- GPS functionality
- export trace to CSV
- print screen
- save screen to PNG
- inverted spectrum for negative LOF
- ...


  • The software *should* work fine without any installation: just unpack and start executable. You need to enter the IP of your Siglent SSA3000X.
  • The SSA3000X needs to be running on the latest FW 8.2. Older FW releases do not support SCPI over Telnet.
  • Currently you need to be running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.
  • Please make sure you have Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framwork installed!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Siglent SSA3021X: VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser progress update


Here is an update on my VMA Simple Spectrum Anlyser software for the Siglent SSA3021X:

  • Centre Frequency and Span
  • Marker 1 and Marker 2 with ΔF and ΔdBm
  • Zoom to Marker
  • Min/Max Traces
  • Avg and Math Traces
  • Finish Frequency Preset functionality
  • Advanced Measurements:
    • Min/Max/Avg
    • Transponder recognition
    • Satellite recognition
    • SWR measurement
    • ...
  • Spectrum record and playback
  • Logger
  • Trigger
  • GPS


I meanwhile practically finished the software! Take a look here: