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Dektec support for FFmpeg!

Hello, People who work with broadcasting or DVB related hardware development know Dektec. This company specilizes in hardware for this industry, providing solutions like modulators, receivers and network cards. The hardware allows to build specific PC based solutions. Visit their webpage at for an overview, in case you live under a rock and don't know them. Three FFmpeg processes running independently, using 3 of the 4 available ASI/SDI ports of my DTA-2154 card.  My first contact with Dektec was of course due to their fantastic USB based modulator, the DTU-215. This wonderful device allows to basically generate any DVB signal in the UHF/VHF band (from 36 to 1002MHz): ATSC 8VSB DVB-C DVB-T QAM-B, QAM-C ATSC-M/H CMMB DAB(+), T-DMB DTMB (ADTB-T, DMB-T/H) DVB-C2 DVB-T2 multi PLP ISDB-T, ISDB-TmmDVB-C, DVB-T This made my work as a reporter for TELE-audiovision much easier, easily allowing to carry out product tests of receivers and field meters, since the DTU-215 allowed

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