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LDTZ: The nightmare goes on...

 Hello, Chinese manufacturers are always trying to lower their costs and with the LTDZ it is not different. In the past they changed the MCU STM32F103 to a version with only half the flash memory. As a consequence they adjusted the firmware of the L TDZ to fit the smaller flash memory. Unfortunatly, in the process the compatinility with "VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser" was lost again. Some users that purchased the LTDZ recently, complain that my software freezes and/or does not work. I don't know why, because I don't own this latest version of the LTDZ. Bear in mind that you cannot just flash the FW of older LTDZ releases, as they are too big to fit into the flash. If you try, you will end up with a bricked device. I have difficulty in purchasing this new LTDZ revision, because of the new customs handling within the EU: in Portugal you need to pay a flat rate for processing that is almost as expensive as the LTDZ itself, plus you wait 1-2 months to get the item cleared.

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