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VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for TinySA/TinySA Ultra

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for TinySA and TinySA Ultra - Download Page Download Latest Version VMA Spectrum Analyser for TinySA - Change log: 2023-01-29: Added customizable colours             Added new Marker panel: PEAK SEARCH and MRK->CENTER             Fixed Regional Settings bug with decimal point symbol ("." ot ",") 2023-01-26: Added PAUSE/RESUME functionalty to prevent wrong             spectrum being displayed on TinySA 2023-01-01: Changed FormBorderStyle to allow Min/Max buttons 2022-12-29: Implemented pseudo VFW - averages neighbouring samples             Several bug fixes 2022-12-28: TinySA model and mode is stored in Registry             Several bug fixes             Added rawscan vs hop scan modes 2022-12-27: Fixed the stupid SYSTEM CODE bug             Added further support for TinySA Ultra 2022-12-25: First support for TinySA Ultra 2021-10-20: Added LOF to transponder recognition 2021-05-24: Fixed bug that prevented to set RBW 2021

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