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TinySA: How to increase the frequency range

The TinySA ( ) is a wonderful device. At an absolutely amazing price it offers a complete spectrum analyser which is (very small – almost tiny), features a built-in LCD, a battery and the measurements are quite precise. But there is a catch: the supported frequency range is rather reduced. It can operate in the 0.1MHZ-350MHz range with increased precision or in the 240MHz-960MHz range with less precision. This covers most amateur radio needs and even allows CATV measurements. But what about the L-Band? This band, as you know covers 950MHz-2150MHz and is used by satellite receivers for satellite TV. The LNB will down-convert from the C, Ku or Ka band into L-Band and the receiver-se tuner will then lock on whatever transponder that is required for the selected TV channel. All the satellite TV aficionados are not served by the TinySA. Unless of course, they use an RF mixer! Such a device will down/up-convert a signal on the input connector and present the both

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