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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Experimenting with a Rover Instruments DM16 4HD

Today I tested if I could get a lock on transponders of Astra 2D.

Since I live in Portugal, I am far off the footprint and the required diameter would be around 180cm.

While I do actually own a 240cm dish, I don't have it setup, yet, due to the difficulty of getting a secure support for such a huge dish. This meant I was using my motorized dish with just 100cm...Interestingly, the Rover Instruments DM16 4HD could get a lock on Astra 2D and output a perfect picture. This shows that using a sensitive tuner, reception is indeed possible, however no reserves are available for bad weather.

I made a video demonstrating this: Rover Instruments DM16 4HD

The antenna was adjusted previously, of course, using the DM16 4HD.

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