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Sunday, 20 February 2011

New videos on Youtube

Posted new videos on Youtube:

Satlook Digital NIT Color by vma

This video shows the spectrum from Hispasat at 30.0W to Astra2 at 28.2E. While my dish rotates, the spectrum changes. You can notice the satellites that the dish captures while moving along.

The video also shows the constellation diagram, the NIT functionality and the decoding of FTA MPEG2 channels.

Dbox2 Outdoor plugin for Enigma by vma

This short video shows my favorite Dbox2 plugin. It is called "Outdoor" (sometimes called "MiniTV"). It will show the current TV channel on the graphic LCD display. Since this display has only 1 bit color depth, a clever frame to frame treshold algorithm converts the picture. While the result is not brilliant, it is enough to see what is going on. With this plugin, a dish can be setup and the channels can be verified, without using a TV.

Presentation of the Dbox1 by vma

This video shows the Dbox1, made by Nokia. This is the predecessor of the Dbox2. Both where popular in Germany, due to the fact that they were the official receivers for the German PayTV operator "Premiere". The infamous hacker Uli developed a whole new firmware for the Dbox1. The last release is called DVB2000 and features many advanced features. For instance, it is possible to read out any DVB-S parameter, finetune the parameters of the tuner, which is extremely sensitive, etc.

This receiver even has a SCSI interface, which was used extensively for logging purposes by the early DVB-S hackers. With "hackers" I am not referring to pirates, but people interested in the technology and its implementation.

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