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Friday, 27 May 2011

Felec MC1-SAT

Forgot to mention a nice satellite meter I bought at eBay...

Check it out in action HERE.

This was a French company, which does not seem to exist anymore.

The meter came in a pretty good condition - only the rechargeable battery was dead, so I had to buy a new one.

While it does not provide much functionality (real time spectrum analysator, level bar, signal sound and picture of analog transponders - without sound carrier), it is still a great device for satellite dish pointing.

Why? Because of the real time spectrum analysator. It is analog, which means that the cathode ray is directly coupled to the sweeping circuit. You won't get a faster spectrum refresh than this.

It will pick up a satellite much before any analog or digital receiver.

Excellent deal (I won't publish the price, as it was ridiculously low)...


  1. do u no the specs for the mc 10-sat

  2. The MC10-SAT is almost identical to the MC1-SAT, but features:

    - 0/22KHz switching (Low/High band)
    - Video inversion (Ku/C band)

    Video inversion is used on C band, but it is a pretty useless function, as no analog channels are broadcasted on C band anymore.

    0/22kHz switching can be useful to see the spectrum of high band, when you have the meter connected directly to the LNB. If you connect the meter after the satellite receiver, you just use the receiver to switch bands.


  3. You can see pictures here (save them while they are available):