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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dr.HD 900S Advanced Measuring Tool - Update

I am proud to present the current version of my Dr.HD 900S Advanced Measuring Tool:

It adds a few new functions:
  • - Save the waterfall chart as a bitmap
  • - Reset the waterfall chart (i.e. before moving the dish, so you start with a clean chart)
  • - Export the stored spectrum as a text file: notice the small black line between the waterfall chart and the stored spectrum? This line will go up and down using the mouse and represents the position in the waterfall chart which is drawn on the stored spectrum view.
  • - Start/Stop to allow you to freeze the spectrum and waterfall chart
  • - It is now possible to select which capture device should be used, in case multiple ones are present
  • - New skin design, matching the Dr.HD design
Here is a sample waterfall chart bitmap:

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