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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SPECTRA VIEW by Waveline

Hi there!

I got myself a new satellite measuring instrument: a SPECTRA VIEW by Waveline.

This is a funny device, as it only features:

- 12V Input
- DIN-6 connection for Composite Video Output
- "F"-Type connection for LNB cable

The output is a composite video signal showing an analog real-time spectrum, pretty similar to the Emitor Satlook Mark III.

Interestingly, Emitor used to have a similar device, so I believe, they might have something in common with this company. Another odd thing is the fact that Waveline AB COM used to sell the famous Winradio SDR (Software Defined Radio - a device that is a full radio, but without the user interface, which is then realized in software on the PC). The swedish Winradio site doesn't exist anymore, so I wonder what the link is to the australian Winradio manufacturer...

Anyway, here are a few pictures of this 20 year old device:

This is a fairly small box. No LED's, no buttons. Totally simplistic design!

Inside is fairly simple, too. The poti's allow to adjust the analog spectrum display: increase size in V and H, shift +H/-H, amplify signal.

I am curious about the fact that the PCB features pins to solder two further IC's and 4 LED's. I suspect that other models must have had the possibility to switch H/V and Low/High. A jumper on the PCB allows to enable/disable 12V output to feed the LNB.

Now what do I use this with?

This is the PERFECT device to have permanently attached to my receiver that controls my motorized dish! Together with my waterfall chart software (specially adjusted to the SPECTRA VIEW), I can now always monitor my dish!

"SPECTRA VIEW Advanced Measuring Tool by VMA"

- Current Live Spectrum
- Waterfall Chart
- Display Spectrum stored in Waterfall Chart

...totally worth the 16 Euro + 8 Euro shipping on eBay!

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