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Sunday, 20 December 2015

8dtek Combo Jet TSM8800


I am looking for help: after trying different firmware for my meter, I ended up not having a backup of the original firmware. Now I am looking for a file like this:


If you have it, please contact me!

For general information: this meter is sold under different labels and know as

  • 8dtek Combo Jet TSM8800
  • SF610 Combo
  • DreamSky Combo
  • Openbox SF30
There are at least the following hardware/LCD combinations:
  • HW20 - LCD01
  • HW20 - LCD02
  • HW20 - LCD03
  • HW40 - LCD04
My meter uses HW20 with LCD01. Firmware files with LCD02 will not be usefull at all, but firmware files with HW20 - LCD03 can be used. However, the screen will look funny, as the firmware adresses the LCD in the wrong manner and an interlace effect happens.

This meter was tested by TELE-audiovision:

Thanks for any help finding the orginal firmware!


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