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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Licensing of the SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser


I made up my mind about licensing the SMA Spectrum Analyser.

  1. The software is free for anyone requesting an activation code. I will not make it totally free, without a licensing mechanism, because I do not want to do free support for the Chinese manufacturers/sellers of the SMA device. They ship their devices with a shareware (WinNWT) without prior consent of the author!
  2. I will give out activation codes valid up to three months. The expiry dates will be:
    1. March, 31st
    2. June, 30th
    3. September, 30st
    4. December, 31st
  3. You will always get the next expiry date.
  4. You can ask for new codes as many time as you want.
  5. You can request more than one activation code.
  6. Depending upon my free time / personal life, issuing the activation codes can take minutes to days - no warranty what so ever.
  7. The activation codes work with any future release.
  8. I will accept donations of 10 Euro / 10 US$ / 10£. In return I will issue a permanent activation code (31.12.2099). I am not sure how to do that with PayPal, so this is not working at the time being. I will not provide any extra support, bug fixing, etc. to people who donated: the donation is only for the permanent activation.


  1. How do I request the activation code please? Thanks

  2. Just download the software and start it. You will be asked to select a MAC address (normally there are more than one, for each network device) and a SYSTEM CODE is produced. Copy and paste it to an e-mail to me (address is shown within the software) and I will send you back the ACTIVATION CODE. Regards, Vitor

    1. The system code was generated but nowhere is there an email address for you.

  3. Hello Thomas,

    My e-mail is stated in the manual and on the download page!

    It is v m a AT n o r c a m DOT p t