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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Upgrading the Satlook Micro+ to a Satlook Micro G2 for free!


Some month ago I purchased a second hand Emitor Satlook Micro+ on eBay for little money. For some time I wanted to add this little fellow to my TV field meter collection, so I was pretty happy to win the auction.

The model I purchased is the first generation "Satlook Micro+". Later on, Emitor launched the "Satlook Micro G2" and then the "Salook Micro G2 HD".

Simultaneously, owners of the Micro+ could purchase the upgrade kit, to transform their Micro+ into a Micro G2. This kit was composed by a new bag in grey/orange colour (like the new Satlook models), a CD with the new firmware and an activation key.

The difference between the Micro+ and Micro G2 is, apart from the bag, a few advanced funtions, the most notorious being the spectrum analyser.

The difference between the Micro G2 and Micro G2 HD is of course the added support for DVB-S2 measurements.

 At some point, Emitor unified the firmware for all three models, so that the same firmware file could be flashed to either model. To run the G2 mode, the firmware had to be activated, otherwise only the basic set of functions was available.

The activation consisted in running an activation software, with the Satlook Micro connected to PC. The user would enter the activation key, which would be checked against an online Emitor server. If the activation key matched the serial, the activation software would do its magic and enable the G2 mode.

As usual, I have gathered all available firmware versions for the Satlook Micro series and found out something interesting: the later firmware versions do NOT require any activation anymore! That's right: if you install the latest firmware (click here for direct download from you will transform your Micro+ into a Micro G2, without having to purchase anything!

No why is this so? I don't really know, but I think that Emitor discontinued this product line and shut down their activation server. In order to not have problems with customers who bought the activation kit, they simply decided to remove the activation proceedure from the firmware!

To upgrade the firmware, simply run the firmware downloader tool (FDL.exe), which is included in the archive and follow the instructions. The upgrade take about 3 minutes.

And once the upgrade is finished, you will have an activated G2 mode! Don't worry if the upgrade produces a checksum error: this happens occasionally - just repeat the process.

 Here some pictures of the inside:

So here is my insider tip: get yourself a cheap Micro+ from eBay (50-70 Euro is a nice price), ugrade the firmware to the lates release (v1.32) and enjoy a Micro G2!

Take a look at my Satlook Micro+ in action on Youtube:



  1. Hi there.
    just wondering, what is the firmware version are you using ?

    best regards

  2. I'm using firmware version "smG2HD-132".

    That is the one I linked in the post!


  3. some one just gave me a satlook micro + can I use it to locate satellites for amatuer radio use or what is it for?? thx

  4. Hello,

    This device is a Satellite TV Field Meter. It is used to setup satellite dishes for DTH ("Direct To Home") TV reception.

    These satellites operate in the Ku and C bands and nowadays transmit in digital modulations, normally QSPK or 8PSK.

    This device will show spectrum, constellation diagram, MER, BER and signal strength. It is a nice device for this purpose and it can drive DiSEqC-1.2 motors, too, which are used for motorized satellite dishes. These allow reception of different satellites by rotating the dish.

    This device is NOT useful for any amateur radio application, nor can it capture any signal beyond the range of 950MHz-2150MHz. Notice that it will output 14V/18V on the input connector!

    The value on eBay is around 50€ - 100€ in good condition (more like 50 €, though).


  5. I have this condition. Where can I find a new softwer? The one that's on it began to make mistakes. Thank you....


    Download and install this one:
    "Satlook Micro (G2, HD, plus) firmware smG2HD-132-EU + PC programs"