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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Great GPS app for Android - compatible with SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser software!


I finally got time to test the "Bluetooth GPS Output" app for Android phones.

What it does is to transform your smartphone into a Bluetooth GPS receiver, compatible with NMEA standard, which is exactly what you need to operate my SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser software on the road.

Instead of having to purchase a dedicated BT GPS receiver (around 60 Euro from eBay), you can use your existing Android smartphone (provided it has a GPS receiver, of course)!

Head over to:

The app is free, but has a 10 minute time limit. This is enough to test the functionality and even for some single frequency signal power mapping.

The good news is, that the full license costs just 1€!

Here you see the app in action on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

My KUBO tablet (running Windows 10) connects without issue to this app, recognizing a regular BT GPS receiver. And my SMA Simple Spectrum Analyser software is happy with the NMEA data:

This solves the problem I was having with the Asus BT-100 GPS receiver: I had to uninstall and reinstall it every time I wanted to use it, because neither tablet nor laptop would manage to reconnect to it.


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