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Saturday, 10 December 2016

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser: Transponder pattern recognition in development


I am in process of implementing a transponder pattern recognition.

It allows to automatically identify the frequencies of transponders. This is the ultimate blind scan, as the signal doesn't even need to be locked and frequencies are determined instantly on the whole frequency range!

The next step is to match the frequency pattern against a database of known transponders, i.e. satellite transponders. This allows signal (satellite) identification much before the signal can be locked.

Of course, I need to clean up this functionality and include an export function to save the transponder list.

Here are some pictures of the current state:

Picture1: Transponder identification on Astra 28.2E

Picture2: Digital transponder identification on CATV (NOS - TV Cabo)

Picture 3: Digital transponder identification on UHF, showing local DVB-T and two LTE transponder

The treshold value controls the position of the horizontal line, which is calculated as an average dBm value from all samples - thus moves up and down according to reception quality. This has to be set accordingly, for best results, though the default value of 50% works quite well.

The bandwidth field will filter all transponders with less bandwidth than the specified one. This is important, for instance in CATV, where there are a lot analogue channels, which may not be of interest.


Uploaded the first demo video on Youtube:


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