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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser: New version with some graphics enhancements and bug fixes


Today I published a new version of my software. It contains three small bug fixes:

  1. You couldn't enter a start frequency equal to the smallest possible frequency (35MHz or 138MHz).
  2. If you zoomed out of the span and reached the maximum, it would always default to 4263 MHz (= 4400MHz - 138MHz), even if you are using a device with the ADF4351 (35MHz - 4400MHz).
  3. I swapped the position of + and - buttons for the satellite identification sensitivity - now the position is consistent, for instance with the span + and - buttons.
I noticed these two bugs, because my 35MHz - 4400MHz device arrived today!

Because I was fooling around with the code, I implemented two new things, too:
  1. On the upper picturebox, I am drawing a waterfall colour scale, too. This should make it easier to interpret the waterfall diagram, regarding the selected amplitude settings.
  2. The thickness of the spectrum line now depends on the selected sample rate: the fewer samples, the bigger the line. This actually increases readability and masks the lower resolution. Hoefull you like it, too.
Here are 5 pictures showing my local DVB-T transponder rendered with all possible sample rates:


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