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Sunday, 12 March 2017

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for Siglent SSA3000X - Download Page

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for Siglent SSA3000X

This software requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework in order to work. You need to download & install it, if you are running Windows 8.1:

Download .Net 4.5 Framework from Microsoft here

Unfortunatly, Windows 7 does not support WebSocks and hence is not compatible.

Change Log:

2017-06-28: Corrected SYSTEM CODE bug. Correct SYSTEM CODE is now shown in form
2017-03-26: Implemented improved 3D rendering with line/shade modes
            Bug fix - corrected decimal symbol dependency
2017-03-19: Implemented GPS functionality
            Implemented PRINT FORM, SAVE PICTURE and OVERLAY
            Several bug fixes, including spectrum recording and playback
2017-03-18: Implemented MEM and MATH trace, including SWR measurement
2017-03-13: Added trigger mask and e-mail notification
2017-03-12: Added this line to check Kaspersky false detection
2017-03-11: First release

Please note:

This version requires a (free) activation code and features:

- different visualization modes (LIVE, MIN, MAX, AVG traces; "Fade" mode, 3D spectogram)
- transponder recognition
- satellite recognition by transponder pattern matching
- record & playback of spectrum
- bandwidth measurement (-3dB, -6dB and -60db)
- MIN, MAX, AVG db values
- two marker with indication of delta frequency and delta db
- 9 configurable frequency presets
- GPS functionality, including Google Maps measurement plotting
- MATH operations
- SWR measurement
- Trace export to CSV
- ...


- Trigger function
- MATH trace
- SWR measurement
- Overlay trace
- GPS functionality
- export trace to CSV
- print screen
- save screen to PNG
- inverted spectrum for negative LOF
- ...


  • The software *should* work fine without any installation: just unpack and start executable. You need to enter the IP of your Siglent SSA3000X.
  • The SSA3000X needs to be running on the latest FW 8.2. Older FW releases do not support SCPI over Telnet.
  • Currently you need to be running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.
  • Please make sure you have Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framwork installed!


  1. Where can i get Activation Code

  2. Just download and run the software!