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Sunday, 26 March 2017

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for SSA3000X - Different visualization modes and measurements


Today I upload a new version of my "VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for SSA3000X" software. The major new feature is the updated 3D rendering engine, as well as, a bug fix that makes the software run with either configuration of the decimal symbol under Windows (point or comma).

Take a look at the following screen shots of the local DVB-T transponder at 754MHz:

3D Spectrum view in shaded mode

3D Spectrum view in wireframe mode

Bandwidth measurement: -3dB and -6dB

Bandwidth measurment: -6dB

Live spectrum with MIN/MAX hold in shaded mode

Live spectrum against AVG trace in line mode

"FADE" visualization mode

3D spectrum in shaded mode - view can be rotated!

Same 3D spectrum in different view

Hope you find this interesting! If so, why not download the software and try it yourself?


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