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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser: New version supporting pause between samples


User Rafał pointed out to me that the original WinNWT/LinNWT software supports an interrupt function, that causes the NWT device to pause between each sample.

So here is a new version of my software, with the exact same function!

This allows for signal stabilisation prior to digitalization and hence an improved measurement CAN be made.

With the signals I am analysing, I honestly don't experience any significant change, but I do want to make all users happy, so now you can set the interrupt in µs.

A few notes:
  1. Because of lack of space on the form, I use the term "Wait" instead of "Interrupt".
  2. If you leave the default value of 0 µs, the software will behave as usual.
  3. If you set any other option within the combo box, that pause will be done between EACH sample: a whole sweep will take considerably longer!
  4. If a pause has been set, the spectrum will be drawn continuously, so that the software remains responsive. However, if you select 0 µs in middle of a sweep with i.e. 8000 µs set, you will have to wait until the current sweep finishes. Until then the software will not be responsive!
Hope this is useful.


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