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Friday, 22 December 2017

Quick comparison: Agilent/Keysight E4403B - Siglent SSA3021X - Rohde & Schwarz CRTU


I have a loaned Keysight E4403B, so I used the opportunity to play a little with it.

Here are three Youtube videos, that show the same CATV signal on:
  • Keysight E4403B
  • Siglent SSA3021X
  • Rohde & Schwarz CRTU
The "test" was just to compare the refresh/sweep rate between the three devices. I fed my CATV signal and set all three devices as such:
  • Start Frequency = 50 MHz
  • End Frequency = 850 MHz
  • Span = 800 MHz
  • RBW = 1 MHz and 0.1 MHz
  • RBW/VBW = 0.1
The E4403B is labeled as "Keysight", but he same model has been previously produced by Agilent, which then comes historically from an HP design.

An intersting fact, at least to me: on the third video, if you increase volume, you will hear a chirping from the E4403B right in the beginning. Then I turn off the AUTO ALIGNMENT and the chirping is gone. Turns out that this is a normal behaviour and what you are hearing is the RF Frontend aligning itself at the end of each sweep, which results in relays clicking.

More info about this: Why is there a "chirping" noise coming out of my ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer?

I mention it, because it was driving me crazy - I feared that after repairing the PSU, there was some other fault...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Well, nothing too spectacular to be seen, but I thought it might be interesting for some to see the live spectrum being rendered on the E4403B, SSA3021X and CRTU.


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