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Sunday, 14 January 2018

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyzer: New version that allows measurements on the selected trace!


This was for a long time on my todo list: being able to carry out all measurements on the selected trace, instead of the LIVE trace.

Up to now all measurements like the bandwidth measurement would always consider the LIVE trace only. This was limiting, since other traces could be more useful. For instance, the MATH trace could have been configured to consider a compensation. This made it difficult to read the desired value of traces other than the LIVE trace.

I added a new ComboBox on the trace section (lower rigth side of the window): select the trace you want to base all measurements on and off you go! The software will show dB value of the mouse or any other measurement based on the selected trace.

This works with the MATH trace, as well, which was the hardest part to implement.

Hope you like it.


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