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Sunday, 20 May 2018

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for Rohde&Schwarz CRTU and CMU200 - Download Page

VMA Simple Spectrum Analyser for
Rohde&Schwarz CRTU and CMU200 - Download Page

Change Log:

2020-04-10: Fixed wrong MATH MEM Label colour
2018-04-06: Added DEBUG button in SETUP tab to help
            solving connection problems
2018-03-25: First Tracking Generator implementation
            Further VISA handling improvements
2018-03-24: Spectrum reads CRTU settings upon start
            RF Input port selectable
            Several bug fixes and optimisations
2018-03-11: VISA settings are now stored in Registry
2018-02-26: Adapted GUI to R&S CRTU
2018-02-25: First release


- different visualization modes (LIVE, MIN, MAX, AVG traces; "Fade" mode, 3D spectogram)
- transponder recognition
- satellite recognition by transponder pattern matching
- record & playback of spectrum
- bandwidth measurement (-3dB, -6dB and -60db)
- MIN, MAX, AVG db values
- two marker with indication of delta frequency and delta db
- 9 configurable frequency presets
- GPS functionality, including Google Maps measurement plotting
- MATH operations
- SWR measurement
- Trace export to CSV
- ...


This software requires Keysight Connection Expert 2018, which can be downloaded for free here:


The software *should* work fine without any installation: just unpack and start executable.

You need to setup the VISA connection in Keysight Connection Expert 2018:

For this to work, you need to configure the Remote settings of your CRTU/CMU200:

SCPI Connection:
Port = GPIB, Com1, Com2 or GPIB + Com1
Primary Address [GPIB]
Primary Address = 0 (or whatever you want)
Secondary Address [GPIB]
Address1 = RF Mode = Non-Signalling

For RS232 connection go to Comm. tab and configure as follows:
Application = Remote
Baudrate = 115200 (requires FW 4.x or higher)
Data Bits = 8
Stop Bits = 1
Parity = none
Protocol = CtsRts

It is recommended to use a USB-GPIB interface:

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